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 Reminder to all the new players

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PostSubject: Reminder to all the new players   Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:21 pm

This is a PvP realm. You can PvM with friends, you can do whatever you want, but don't expect everyone to be GM duellers. If you want a GM pvp game, you make one and specify it. Otherwise, people WILL juv on you and WILL naked you.

The goal isn't to drive players away. We support both GM and BM. But if you enter a random game, chances are it'll be BM unless the title clearly says GM.

Capture the Flag games (CTF) will be GM by default unless mentionned to be BM.

We want everyone to have fun on the realm. We're putting in alot of effort to make it work. Seeing players driven off because of bad manners from other players seems quite childish, though. For the most part, we're adults, so stop acting like little babies and play along or make a GM game.

If I'm online, i'll monitor the GM games so that everyone can enjoy his time.

Don't be shy to recruit your friends! The more players we have, the sooner we can get the east server, more active games, tournaments, etc.
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Reminder to all the new players
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