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 Donating to D2Assault

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PostSubject: Donating to D2Assault   Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:41 am

We know that some of you have problems with Euro server, me being one of them. Well we have a solution, if we can raise 93 dollars a month we can get a top of the line east server.

We offer these for donators

NV status - 5 dollars
Auto Cube Roller - 5 dollars
Item Coloring / Gfx Change - 3 dollars per item

NV status makes your character have the GFX of common auras and states that some skills give you. Example. Fade makes you look faded. A NV gives you the faded look without the res all attribute.

Auto Cube Roller is a rolling program that rolls your item for you until you get the mods you want. It wont easily give you perfect items because it still has to roll it as if it were a human, but it does it on its own so you can go do something else as it searches for your item.

Item coloring / GFX change is making your item look different and unique. You could potentially make your boring old tarn into a red bhelm tarn. Same mods as a tarn, different look. This can also be done to achieve black items etc. (Colors that are not rollable)

All proceeds go directly to funding our East Server so all 3 realms can play with minimal lag.

To donate please click the link below:
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Donating to D2Assault
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