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 Begginers Guide to D2Assault!

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PostSubject: Begginers Guide to D2Assault!   Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:52 am

Ok D2Assault is like nothing you've ever played before, so heres a quick startup guide to get you on the road and enjoying Assault!!!

Couple quick things you should know:

1) You start up with 10 stats and 8 skills on your character (Your Nightmare and Hell stats/skills)
- If you notice that you didn't, you need to remake your character and wait in chan until *bot says that your character has been rushed!

2) Getting a single kill on a monster grants you lvl 41 instantly

Now for the tutorial!!!

1. As soon as you enter the Assault game please walk around and explore Act 1 of Assault, there is a lot of stuff for you to find.

2. As you noticed there are a bunch of NPCs with character types as names and an Unique NPC. You may buy quick character gear from there. The gear is nothing special, but if you want a quick character thats the place to go.

3. Go to Catacombs Level 4 and kill a single monster/release cain. You are now level 41! While your in there advance and kill andariel.

4. Now its time to "Roll" your gear. Go to cows and kill a couple cows until you find the rare version of the item type you wish to use. Put the item inside your cube and press transmute. You will notice the mods change every time you press transmute. Keep "rolling" your item until you get the desired mods. Please note that for +2 ammys and some mods you must be lvl 67 or higher to roll them.

5. Now that you've got some gear lets socket it! Put your desired item (Helm, Armor, Weapon, Shield) and place it in cube. Then put a tp scroll in with it. Press transmute and you have a socketed item! Then you can buy your desired gem from Sorceress NPC.

6. Now lets advance through the acts. As you move through them you should look around to see the surroundings. Each act offers something unique and special. Though they may not all jump out at first glance something is there.

7. Once you reach Act 4 you have reached your leveling place for levls 41-88. You will be able to easily CS and as soon as you get to 42 you will gets around 5 levels each game (this slowly decreases as you move higher and higher). Note also that at the bottom of cs you will find izual for your + skill quest.

8. After completing completeing CS for the quest move on to Act 5. You will see Anya and she needs help! Talk to her then proceed to talk to the Druid NPC in Act 5 (Malah). You then should talk to Anya again which will unthaw her and then proceed to claim your prize from druid!

9. After getting 88 or so from CS your in the prime position for trying Baal. He is very hard and is unable to be defeated by just one person, so find a team of players to Baal with!

10. As you learn the ropes of D2Assault you'll learn more about it and should try everything it has to offer. It's tons of fun!
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Begginers Guide to D2Assault!
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