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 D2Assault New Minions!

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PostSubject: D2Assault New Minions!   Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:16 pm

D2Assaults Treacherous Minions

Interested in the new PVM spots? They’re tons of fun and very rewarding if you can hold your own against them!
Difficulty Rating: Based on a 1 – 5 scale with 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest


Taking the portal to hell takes you deep beneath the clutches of reality and into the fiery tomb of the fearsome Underworld. Inside you fight against the three dragons and then against the king of the underworld himself!

Each Dragon drops a special item
Underworld drops a desired ring

Difficulty: 3

Frozen hell

Frozen Hell is Hell’s counterpart. Inside Frozen Hell you must fight to the death against the three elements (Lightning, Fire, Ice). They will stop at nothing to destroy you and your entire team.

Each Monster has the possibility to drop 1 of 12 special items

Difficulty: 3

Burial Grounds

After being brutally defeated in Hell, the devil himself made the three dragons arise from the ashes for one final epic battle against you and your team. These monsters have nothing to lose and are out on a quest for blood. Tread lightly when entering their land, because one false step will be your last

1 Red Token
1 Black Token

Difficulty: 4

Bledrial’s Lair 1

4 mutated monsters defend the King Bledrial’s lair. They are the sole guardians of Bledrial himself. In order to take down these savage beasts you must play with your brain as to your brawn. The smart will triumph.


Difficulty: 1

Bledrial’s Lair 2

If you manage to find the secret dungeon of Bledrial himself, you are in for the fight of a lifetime. Bledrial is the all powerful king of D2Assault. You will die many times while fighting this immortal beast. If you do manage to slay him you shall be remembered for all eternity.

1 Assault Token

Difficulty: 5

Baal Lair

The Baal Lair is harder than ever! As each wave passes the next on approaches with a hunger, and you’re the main course. You need a team to slay waves 3 and beyond, so call your crew and approach with caution!

Experience for levels 90 and beyond

Difficulty: 2
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D2Assault New Minions!
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