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 D2Assault 1.2 Patch Notes!

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PostSubject: D2Assault 1.2 Patch Notes!   Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:43 pm

D2 Assault Patch Notes V1.2

•Game Changes!
- Made Normal the only difficulty mode
- Auto level 40
- Added single use potion on character for skills/stats quests
- Very easy rush
- Added Extra Stashes
- Enabled Cube Rolling

•Resistance Changes!
- Negative 65 resistance in Normal

•Basic Changes
- TP and ID tombs max at 511
- Arrows and Bolts max at 511
- Javelins max at 500

•NPC Changes!
- Added a marketplace where each class can buy specific items
- Thaws and Antidote potions can be bought at stores
- Level Requirement reward NPCs

•Expansion to Classic Changes!
- Removed ethereal items
- Changed expansion attack speed effect on whirlwind back to classic qualities
- Removed dexterity's effect on block

•No Personal Hacks!
- Blocked Clientside TMC
- Included a modified TMC file directly into patch
- Blocked God mode
- Farcast added directly into the patch
- D2Asssault Personal Warden

•New Maps!
- Trapdoor to Cows in town
- Trapdoor to Andariel in town
- Den of Evil Cave in town
- PvP Arena Cave in town
- Added CTF Arena
- Added new preset level(Hell)
- Added new preset level(Frozen Hell)
- Added Ubers (Beat Hell to Unlock)
- Added Bledreal's Lair (Look over this place very carefully, its chalk full of secrets!)
- Baal Lair has a River

•New Skills!
o Princess Shot
o Multi-shot Fire bolt
o Fire Fury
o Electrocution
o Increased Fireball Velocity
o Increased Meteor damage
o Increased Fire bolt damage
o Increased Thunderstorm damage
o Increased Lightning damage
o Increased Blizzard damage
o Increased Ice Blast damage

o Poison bolt
o Poison Storm

o Blazing Arrow
o Clone lasts longer
o Enabled Pierce

o Concentration's effect on hammers back to classic qualities
o Resistance Auras add to max resistance
o Increased Fanaticism
o Increased Smite damage

o Increased Rune Walk Mastery
o Increased Berserk Damage
o Increased War Cry Damage
o Whirlwind Costs 50% as much Mana

o Added Druid Teleport
o Lowered Tornado damage 25%
o Fury is now uninterruptable
o Fury Damage increased 20%
o Druids can now spawn 4 wolves

o Lowered Weapon Block 10 %

•Character Specific Changes
-Sorceress Mana regeneration increased by 30%
-Full Rejuvenation potions can be popped by Barbarians
o Full Rejuvenations are Color Coded!

•New Graphics!
-Skill Graphic Changes
o Changed graphic of Bone Spirit
o Changed Graphic for Lightning
o Changed Graphic for Energy Shield

-General Graphic Changed
o Changed graphic of Bone Spirit
o Town portals now red
o Changed Starting Screen
o Changed Loading Screen
o Changed Character Select Screen
o Changed Stat/Skill border

•Item Changes!
- Assault, Red, Black tokens were added
- Added 15 new special items that can only be acquired through defeating the 12 Super Uniques
- New Assassin Whirlwind claws
- New class specific items for Druid
- Added Cold mastery to a roll-able quality
- Increased Feral Claw damage 20%

•Monster Changes!
- Cs is more Dense with monsters
- Added new Super Uniques in preset levels
- Baal Throne Monsters are very hard

•Cube Formulas!
- Re Roll High Level Rare : Character Level 67+ Transmute Rare
- Socket : TP Scroll + Rare/Set/Unique
- Special : 3 Red Tokens + 3 Black Tokens + 1 Assault Token

Tons of other changes for you to check out!
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D2Assault 1.2 Patch Notes!
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